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Arugula's Star Farm Writing & Photos... Week 7

Posted 2/19/2018 1:12am by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
Week 7 passed right on by in a flash.  This week brought a mix of rain and farming events that pushed days of work right out the window.  I sense this was the last week of off farm socialization before the onset of the season's brunt becomes ever encompassing, that is if the soils can catch a breath of air from the inundating amounts of rain.  We added another 1.7 inches of rain this week and it appears we might be in store for a another couple inches this week!  
I was so thrilled that despite the overwhelming sense of clouds there were three instances of brilliant sunshine that helped restore the winter February glooms this week, in which I am sure you all noticed and soaked up as well!
The week started out with an appointment from a long standing customer, intern, and friend that actually had no dealings with produce per say, even though a 10 lb bag of Heirloom Carolina Red Shelled Limas went in tote.
Matthew and I have been talking about turning something we are crafted in  into something that can be created for others on a larger scale and this appointment I might say is the official start.  The topic is handcrafted wooden beds and 100% organic mattresses, spanish styled chairs, & settees with 100% organic cushions that are made solely out of re-purposed second-hand hardwood (either from old barns or from naturally deceased trees from our own property and other surrounding Middle TN properties)  My first commissioned 100% organic mattress is in the pipeline, and here soon Matthew will be milling.  More info coming soon, but in the meantime if you have any interest of this topic and would like to put your name in the waiting hat please let us know.  
Next we had a visit from a new individual that expressed interest in interning, which is great!  Therefore, we will proceed with the standard trial and error period to see if a mutual simpatico work relationship will present itself in the cards.   Nonetheless, With this being said,  I am still looking for farm partners to apply. Click here for more info on Arugula's Star Farm Farming Partners and Click here for ASF Farm Partner's Application.
I did get the onions started this week in one of those moments when the energetic sun shined and it was lovely.
Mid week we took off towards Louisville, KY for the Big AG Farm Show, which was primarily an interest of Matthew's and Eastenn Dutch's.  I went along for the ride, as part of the trip included a visit to the Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest up in Kentucky, south of Louisville.
Upon return, there was the annual Women's Farmer Gathering & Potluck in Nashville on Friday, which is always quite empowering and quaint.  
The steers were moved to a new grassy strip on Saturday evening after a very long day of rain.
And finally we wrapped the week up with the 2nd Ecosystem Exploration Family Farm Day, EEFFD, of the year. We had yet another lovely day set aside just for this in these grim cold winter times.  Our numbers were up from the last as we were delighted with a family of 6!  Eastenn Dutch was quite excited and we explored vibrant green moss, dead trees, forest creeks, and wet feet only to be warmed up by the fire ring in the end.  Please be curious and go ahead and mark your calendars  for the next EEFFD, which will be on Sunday March 18th.  March 18th will be our last time up on the Hill TOP bald, south big forest, fire ring spot.  
Allison Mills Neal 

6624 Leipers Creek Road; Columbia, TN 38401


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