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Arugula's Star Farm Writing & Photos...Week 5

Posted 2/5/2018 12:41am by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
The "ROOM ZOOM" & Winter Trellis Cleaning
If you have ever read the book of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss then you might just recognize the apparatus that E. Dutch requested to construct.  Yes, he calls it his "ROOM ZOOM" and with it he can fly through the air with great ease and he got the idea from his favorite page in the book.   He can fly inside and out and he was ever so handy when we started our winter trellis cleaning project.  There above are some nice before and afters of this project.  We come in by hand and pull off the interwoven 2017 Heirloom Carolina Red Lima Vines and lay them down to be used as mulch for our up and coming Snap and Snow Vine Sweet Peas. Our trellis systems are enduring and they will follow long term rotations of crops and cover crop.  Over the next so many years, we will continue to add to our metal trellis systems in order to grow higher volumes of Legume pole varieties.  
Going from week 4 to week 5 we moved into the second winter month of the year.  February is the last month we as farmers have to get items in line before all the hustle and bustle of March begins.  In fact, some early plantings  will have already begun by the end of this month.  Snap Peas and Snow Peas are a couple of those crops and both of which we will be growing lots of! Sweet Peas are one of my most prized and favorite fresh eatings of the growing season.  Peas are always the first legume of picking that has nice bulk weight. Peas are so very delicious and they only are in season with magnitude in the spring for our state of TN and that is any reason of why a pound is easily consumed just by one person in a mere day.
The varieties that we will be growing for market this spring are:
Sugar Ann Snap
Cascadia Snap
Sugar Snap Vine
Heirloom Golden Sweet Snow
Ho Lan Dow Snow
I am hoping to successfully plant these varieties in a proper succession to insure that customers and restaurants can have available peas for at least a month or more!  
Speaking of, here is a link to what MEEL has put together with our Heirloom Carolina Red Limas.  If you are in MEEL's delivery range, which is kind of wide and far, please give this superb looking chili bundle a try. 
We are eating everything carrot around here.  Carrot and Bean Soups, Carrot Spiced Soup, Crunchy Raw carrots, you name it.  Night vision is our goal, or at least that is what I have told E. Dutch.  He dreams of being a Buck Deer and by eating his carrots of plenty he might obtain night vision in the ranks of just that!  Sorry not to have plenty to offer over, but just planted enough to make it through the winter for us this go around. I thus far have been very impressed with their stance even after all the real cold weather we have had this winter. Of course they are not perfect, as not any overwintered carrots in the open are, but some are quite close.  
We finished off the mild week by rotating the two American Milking Devons into their 4th paddock.  They have made it out into the large windmill field where we are running the temporary fence lines narrow from East to West.  They are just wonderful to have around and we think they are liking it just as much as we are enjoying them being here.
Lastly, as for all to happen, it is pertinent that I find and fill the two farm partner positions, so here I am going to re post the link to the website that shares all info about the available Arugula's Star Farm Farm Partner Positions. Please post and pass along to anyone that you think might be interested!
Thanks and Until Next Time
Allison Mills Neal 

6624 Leipers Creek Road; Columbia, TN 38401


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