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Posted 10/25/2010 3:44pm by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
Just letting everyone know that we will not be making our normal delivery this week on 10-27-10.
Enjoy the rain, and maybe we will be seeing you next week.

Arugula's Star Farm
Posted 10/18/2010 10:21am by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
Yes, I pulled up the first 3 carrots yesterday as they have seemingly gotten to the size for a first pulling.  Our carrots really are a treat as they are of different colors and different tastes.  The carrot tops are great to use in stock making or for vase arrangements.  We also have some Sugar Ann sugar snap peas to offer. Both the carrots and the peas will give you something new and fun to work with in the kitchen and they will add color and texture to the arugula, kale, and escarole salad greens. 
As the seasons are always changing we said good bye to all the summer crops and summer cover crops over the weekend as they were all churned in.  Now the fields are landscapes of dirt and bright green fall crops.  The dirt will be awaiting its fall/winter cover crop seeds of grain and legume.  We did indeed get some rain last week, and we are hoping for another sprinkling tomorrow afternoon and night.
Please click on The Arugula's Star Farm Certified Organic Produce Store to see what wonderful local vegetables you can get for your weeks eatings.  Organic/Local produce when available should be always saught out and used, as if you ponder for a short second you will realize that an organic/local produce item can not be fairly substituted.  

Posted 10/11/2010 11:51am by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
Good day to you.  How could one complain I think to myself with all the beautiful weather we have has over the last two weeks, but yes there is a pinch here and there of hopes of the needed good rain for all of middle TN.  It is interesting to see the contrast in our fields right now of the dry grounds of brown and the lush vegetable greens going down a row.  We have all the greens that were offered last week and we also are offering Green Tomatoes this week for those of your who enjoy using Green Tomatoes.  Please have a look at the On-Line Store, as you might be interested in placing an order. 

We have had a very full week at the farm, as we were also able to accommodate a luncheon group for a good friend and prior intern, Roben Mounger.  This consisted of a tour of the farmby Matthew and I, a tour by Mr. Lannie Neal, my father-in-law, of his house and art collection, and then a most delicious All-Organic Lunch served, inspired by only what vegetables were available from here at the time.  This was a great day from and educational point of view as it was all encompassing of organic farming, art & design, and organic, in-season food production, not to mention the fun that Roben's group had.  

Then Matthew and I were able to attend the Land Trust for TN Blue Moon event over the weekend, as we had placed the Farm here in the Land Trust just this year.  We enjoyed the historic Glen Levan property, where the event was held, and the company of the many 800 others that showed up to support the cause of saving Land!  

We also had an evening of toasting a prior farm intern in 2008 to a happy celebration of wedding on her families Organic Farm out in Rutherford County.  It is always lovely to see the cycle of how good causes and good ideas continue to spread...congratulations to Lauren and Paschal for carrying on the causes of organic farming and eager young growing love!
Well we can all hope for some rainy days this week and we will be hoping to see you on Wednesday morning at Elmington Park or On-Farm for pick-up.

Allison Mills Neal

Posted 10/3/2010 4:50pm by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
...The few cool nights we are having are a great precurser to the first picking of Kale that will occur this week.  Not only will we be having the green of Kale, but also Batavian Escarole, Arugula, Greens Beans, and Young Rutabaga Greens.  If you are one that has been looking foward to some Fall Greens, then here is your time.  We still have the couple of summer crops to add to your Fall salads, like Okra,  Peppers, and Greens Beans.  Then to add color and more crunch you can always through in some of our beautiful radishes. 

Please see all of what is available at our On-line Organic, All From Our Farm, Produce Store, so you can order and pick-up at this Wednesday's Oct. 6th Drop off at Elmington Park or On-Farm.

Thanks and Eat All your Greens!  
Posted 9/26/2010 5:52pm by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
Good evening to you all as we have now entered into Fall.  The weather here for the last two days has even felt like Fall and this makes everyone feel a little lighter in step and notion. 
With Fall also comes some great Arugula and we sure have a great amount of it this year, so I would encourage everyone to head to your kitchen and start having fun with Arugula in salads.  You can even use Arugula for pestos, paste, and for adding flavor into raw soups. 
The Radishes are in their prime right now as well and when it comes to radishes there is not another better way to snack before a meal then to have a beautiful bowl of radishes, a ramiken of Redmond Salt, Butter or Cheese, and Crisp Toast.  When all four of those ingredients in your mouth at once it really is an experience of taste sensation. 
To see what else you can find at the On-Line Store then please head on to take a peak and we hope to be seeing you this Wednesday the 29th. 

Allison Mills Neal
Posted 9/20/2010 12:19pm by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
Hello to Everyone as we are glad to be back to the Farm to see what all new greens are coming on.

We arrived to late yesterday to get the e-mail out as normal on Sunday, sorry about that, but we are still moving along as normal for our Wednesday the 22nd delivery and here is our On-Line Store offering you can take a look at.  

There are four new items to be extra excited about....Rutabaga Greens Bunches, Arugula in Bulk,  Young Radish Bulb and Green Bunches, and Dragon Wax Snap Beans.

We hope that some of you made it out to The West Nashville Farmers Market while we were away, to support Max, as he went both the last two weekends. 

As the tomatoes and peppers are slowing down we will not list those at the store to order, but we will have some that you can add to your bag when you pick-up on Wednesday on a first come first serve basis.  The Okra is still wonderful and tasty and it is still producing in full, so you will find that listed as normal.

Posted 9/5/2010 3:37pm by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
As those of you that have been enjoying our juicy and sweet watermelons from either On-Farm or the Elmington Park drop off, we decided to allow even more customers to enjoy our organic varieties of Watermelon this past week-end by setting up a watermelon booth at the West Nashville Farmer's market there at Richland Park.  That market is a very quaint and lovely  market set in the shade, as this was our first time going, even as bystanders.  I think we might have been one of the few sellers of organic watermelon at the market this day and were able to send home to customers around 73 watermelons.  Max, Matthew and I really enjoyed handing samples out and seeing how everyone knew after tasting that they had to not leave the market without taking one of our watermelons home. 

***Important Announcement for Regular On-Line Store Customers***

For this coming week Matthew and I have decided to take a hiatus for our birthdays, and Max, our intern,  is going to rise to the occasion to be in charge of all at the farm for that time period.  With this being said, instead of having our normal On-Line Store Offerings for the Wed. drop-off, we are going to let Max take all of our available organic produce to the West Nashville Farmer's Market on Saturday the 11th.  If you have not made it to this market you should give it a try for certain.  The hours of this market at Richland Park Library, off of Charlotte Ave., is from 9 am to 12 noon.  We would love for you to show up and give Max your support for his efforts in doing this all by himself.  We should have Okra, French Green Beans, Herbs, Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggs, the last of some Watermelons, and maybe even some new varieties of Cucumbers. 
As our timing will not allow for the On-Line Store to be posted for the following week's Wednesday the 15th delivery, we will be heading to the West Nashville market that following Saturday as well.  Then we will be on track, for our normal Wed. delivery on the 22nd. 

Thanks so much and have a wonderful week.

Allison Mills Neal
Posted 8/29/2010 8:11pm by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
We have received some wonderful rains today to help our newly planted fall crop seeds onto a closer point of germination.  The soils here were oh so nice to walk in and on during fall seed planting this past week, as they are the finest silty loams that have up to this point of fall planting  been in two seasons of cover crops.  You might would have mistaken the dirt for chocolate dark and light in texture.
Until the fall crops are here we will continue on with the summer crops until they stop producing.  So we still have the best Okra around, and yes this week we will for certain be up on our tippy toes reaching for the highest okras.  Watermelons are still in full, as we have been eating 1-2 watermelons a day, and just like apples these help keep the doctores away, right. I think it might be tradition for some to enjoy wonderful watermelons for Labor Day weekend celebrations, so maybe one watermelon will be just for you.  The Sweet Bell and Long Corno Di Toro Peppers have been mighty nice lately as well.  The new item this week you will notice is the French Sorrel as it is starting to pop itself back up out of the ground, so those of you who love the French Sorrel will be happy about this one. 
Please have a look and see what all else you might find at the Arugula's Star Farm On-Line Produce Store.
Allison Mills Neal
Posted 8/22/2010 5:08pm by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.

Red Velvet Okra Plants all in a row...The Lush Green Vines of the Picnic Watermelons centered with summer savory in the long Strip Row of Vine Crops.... All here at Arugula's Star Farm.  The Flood came and it has past and within the same Nature wonderful Organic crops are still growing here this summer, with of course some pinches of devoted hard work and sprinkles of good energy.  We are very thankful for this to say the least!

I am sure that everyone has enjoyed all of the wonderful hard rains that we have had lately, as it really was well needed and well received.  The rains have really caused the long row of Okra plants to shoot up extra tall.  Two of the varieties in particular, Red Velvet and Louisiana Long Green, are so tall that one has to reach up above one’s head at least an arms length to pick.   Other than the juicy and summertime favorite of Watermelon, I would really recommend trying one of our Okra mixes.  You really are missing out to not at least give Okra a try if you have always thought that Okra was not for you.  One of the best ways we have found to eat Okra is to roast it.  The medium Okra is great roasted whole rubbed in olive oil, salt and pepper, and some fresh chopped herbs of savory, oregano, and marjarom.  Then the larger ones are great to go ahead and cut into rounds and then roast in the same manner.  It is also advisable to go ahead and  do both, whole and chopped Okra, as the contrast of the whole with the chopped is really a site to see on a platter.  The Roasted Okra is then great served with fresh sliced tomatoes, sweet bell peppers and cheese, Or you can even roast the Scallopini Squash, Sweet Bell Peppers, and Tomatoes along with the Okra and Herbs.

Fresh Watermelon makes a wonderful cool starter before a meal, as it is always recommended to eat most of your melon before a meal as opposed to afterwards.   Melon likes to pass through ones digestive system without getting stuck in the belly with all the other foods that are being broken down, so that is why ideally you would try to eat your melon as a starter course or as a complete snack by itself. 

To view what all we have available this week please head onto our On-Line Store.

Remember, if you ever have any questions about ordering please let us know, or refer to the Genuine Organic Produce Red Box at the top at our website for answers to all of your questions on the How's, What's, and Where's?

We hope to be handing you a dense and sweet watermelon or two, a bag of Okra and maybe a few other great healthy organic vegetables to boot.  See you soon…Arugula’s Star Farm.

Posted 8/15/2010 5:28pm by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
Good Evening to you all.  I hope you were as excited as I am when you read the subject yes our sweet melons are here in full.  If you are one that has signed up for the mailing list and still just have not ordered yet for some reason, this is the week you should choose to have a look at our selection of certified organic produce at the Arugula's Star Farm On-Line Produce Store.  You will never have an organic sweet melon as good as one that comes right out of the field's here at Arugula's Star Farm ripe. Please pass the word around to your friends as well, if they have been wondering where they might find a delicious summer organic sweet melon.  We even have two different varieties of watermelons to choose from.  The great unknown fact about watermelons is that they do not ripen any more after harvested, so this is why you can buy a couple and they will last in a cool spot (room temerature, not the frige) for weeks.  Think... you could make a trip to the delivery site and stock up with the best watermelon you could find anywhere in the area for the next couple of weeks.
Contrarily, Sweet Melons will continue to ripen and they will go over ripe very quickly sometimes, if you do not go ahead and cut them when perfectly ripe and store them in the frige.  Especially the sweet melons that we pick out of the field, as we like to let ours get ripe enough to actually be one of the best tasting sweet melons you will ever cut into.  We have three different varieties of sweet melons, one heirloom and the other two specialty types that are all worth trying.  When it is sweet melon and watermelon time in TN, I would advise eating mostly melon for your fruit, so then you do not have to even get any fruit at the grocery!  Sweet Melons are extremely good for you and are most appropriate for summer time eating.  I think Watermelons and Sweet Melons should rank even higher than the beloved strawberry.
We also have a wide array of other Certified Organic Summer Vegetables, Herbs, and Sunflowers at the On-line Store, so please go have a look and we will hope to be seeing you this Wednesday the 18th at either Elmington Park or On-Farm. 

Thanks so Much,
Allison Mills Neal

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