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Posted 1/9/2009 10:10am by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.
Arugula's Star Farm... updating site for 2009 season... hopefully to be completed by January please come back and see us soon!
Posted 11/4/2008 7:44pm by Allison Mills Neal & Matthew Neal.

Hello Folks…CSA Members, Franklin Farmer’s Market Customers, Interns, and Friends:


Come one and come all! Here at Arugula’s Star Farm, we have finalized our Fall Farm hoedown date for Sunday November the 9th, starting at 4:00 pm. We do hope that this date we have chosen accommodates most and all.   We have a fiddle and a banjo a coming, so if you too can play some down-home folky hoedown tunes then feel more than welcome to bring your pickin fingers and an instrument of choice.  We will have a warm fire a glowing when the sky starts darkening, the stars start appearing, and when the coldness starts a nearing!  Nonetheless, please dress for a cool Fall Day, as the whole occasion will be outside.  We are most excited to have as many friends, and soon to be friends, here as possible, and if you have gotten this invitation then of course you are more than welcome to bring your family and some friends that might enjoy some good company and some good ole time a dancing.

We will have some chairs, but if you want to know for certain that you can have a chair for a period of the evening then please bring one, or a blanket.   Also, as this will be a place to get some good eats as well we are asking that everyone try their best to bring an all organic dish/treat (sweet or savory), to share with the crowd.  Also, BYOB…anything goes (take in mind it will be a cool evening)!

We are really hoping for a grand ole time with lots of people, and so we can kind of know how many guests to expect could you please send us a quick…yes we will be there at, or a call (931-682-3314).

I have attached a page that should give some very clear directions, but I am not sure if it will open up properly.  If it does not then our address is 6624 Leipers Creek Road, Columbia (really not near Columbia, but only 9 miles south past Leipers Fork),  TN 38401, in which you should be able to find map directions for.

Real quick to give you an idea of where we are located, basically our farm is very easy to find.  If you are coming from the Green Hills area in Nashville, you will just head South on Hillsboro Pike till you come to Old Hillsboro Road, in which you will take a right onto heading towards Leipers Fork.  You will cross over HWY 96 eventually passing Leipers Fork.  You will then just stay straight and the road changes name to Leipers Creek Road.  We are located ~9 miles outside of Leipers Fork in Maury Co., heading southwestward, and our driveway is on the Left .2 of a mile after passing the small Bethal Community Sign.  Often people miss our driveway because it comes up really quick, try to keep you eyes open for a shiny windmill in a big field and a wooden mailbox.  After knowing these few highlights of directions you should be able to make your way here from any point.

After you turn into the driveway, you will follow the lane over the bridge, by the barn, and on up a really steep hill.  You will pass a house, but do not stop there, keep on going over the cattle guard and onto a field lane.  Eventually, you should see some cars and a sign that will direct you where to park.

Well, we are just delighted and very excited to bring all you folks together for a hoedown of an evening and who knows maybe even a few surprises!

Matthew and I look very forward to seeing you all.  

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