Evolution of CSA model & Why [SAP] offers a LOVED solution

Originally in a Community Supported Agriculture [CSA] model, members participated on the farm in working form, but as the program & years progressed, members’ participation regressed. Many modern families just did not make the time to put forth on a weekly basis to work and bring home their allowed harvest. Hence why the majority of CSA members now just pick up a basket of produce at a convenient location, in which they likely had no hands on participation in working to see any of the vegetables from seed to harvest. Despite being a connected member in these modern CSA models, there is a detachment from physically imbuing the cyclic productive energy of alive soil and atmosphere.

The Genuine Potato, Dry Bean, & Garlic Shared Agriculture Program is the solution that bridges the gap in between the original CSA model and the modern CSA. Instead of having to come and participate on the farm every week, our Shared Agriculture Program has only 4 Hands On Farm Visits. Also, all three crops are storage crops, which means nothing is perishable for months and no refrigeration is needed or required. You or your family will still be able to sign up for a modern CSA program at another farm, as most modern CSA's will not give you enough Potatoes or Garlic to store and Dry Beans are generally unheard of.  Our [SAP] serves only as a supplement, not as a substitute.

"Blue skies, cloud patched skies, sunshine, open fields, cool weather, hot weather, fresh air, breezes on your face, hands and feet in the earth, muscles pull and stretch, potatoes in a row, insects buzz and hum, birds sing, flax grows, trees sway, beans plants standing tall, work with a purpose, family & shared members work down the row. Then before you know it, you will be heading home with sacks full of potatoes, dry beans, and garlic for your pantry and table."

Adults and children alike will FALL IN LOVE with the opportunity to participate.  

'A Hands on Outdoor Farming Education for Families & a Premier Experience for Foodies'

The Potatoes & Dry Beans that will be planted and the Garlic that will be harvested will consist of many varieties with an emphasis on heirlooms. High variety allows one to experience different skin and flesh colors, shapes, and best use cooking preferences.A Food Lovers' DREAM!

  • 21 Varieties of Potatoes
  • 10 Varieties of Garlic
  •  8 Varieties of Dry Beans 

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