How to Place Genuine Storage Crop Order (for Non [SAP] members)

Arugula's Star Farm has decided to offer Genuine SeedtoGather SealTM Storage Crop Orders for the 2017 season!

What this means is that you do not have to participate in the [SAP] to purchase Genuine Potatoes, Dry Beans, Roots & Garlic!

By filling out the On Line Order Form, you will be placing a pre-order for our Genuine Storage Crops.

When crops of Potatoes, Dry Beans, & Garlic are harvested in July & August you will have the opportunity to place your order and either:

Pick your order up On Farm At the Rocket on weekends (noon on Fridays -Dark on Sunday night) or receive a front door Special Delivery In Town Nashville Drop Off.

I am going to start off trying Thursday Nashville In Town Deliveries. As long as you live somewhere in any of the local Nashville neighborhoods (Examples…Green Hills, Belmont Neighborhood, Belle Meade, Whitland Neighborhood, West Meade, Belmont/Waverly, Forest Hills, Around the Warner Parks, Oak Hill, Richland Park, or anywhere in between our farm and Nashville town) I will be willing to do a door drop off.

A minimum order of 5 lbs of potatoes (mix and match) will have to be placed to get the front door special delivery. There will also be a $1.50 delivery fee added to your order. As all items offered are storage crops, you will not have to be home. I will just leave them at your from door. Easy as that!

Please make checks payable to Arugula's Star Farm 6624 Leipers Creek Rd.; Columbia, TN 38401.

IF you pick up On Farm at the Rocket then you will just leave payment in the depository at pick up. If you are an In Town Nashville Special Delivery Customer then you can either mail a check or leave a payment at your door.

You will get an e-mail confirmation a couple days after you placed you order.



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