Shared Agriculture Program [SAP] Member Agreement & Policy

Before Signing Up, you will need to Read & Agree

Genuine Potato, Dry Bean, and Garlic Shared Agriculture is a partnership between the farm and the members for whom the farmer is sharing the Hand's On Experience of Planting, Growing, & Harvesting food with. It is a unique way for participants to have a meaningful connection to Land & Farming. Our Shared Agriculture Program will consist of a group of individuals & families who have pledged to support Arugula's Star Farm as a group, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of Genuine GrowToGather Seal food production.  

Arugula's Star Farm tries extremely hard to keep diversity high and growings as healthy and vibrant as possible. We take much pride in our Genuine Potatoes, Dry Beans, & Garlic and we only want to work with and alongside nature to help you grow the best possible produce items.

Nature and it’s energies are always changing from one season to the next, and often Nature can present some pretty extreme situations, both good and bad. Members have to understand that every season comes with lots of successes and a handful of failures, as this is the nature of planting and working in the out of doors.  Participants will experience all kinds of produce perfection and amazement in both taste and appearance, but you will also experience the occasional blemished or mildly mediocre item too, not to mention a friendly bug here or there!

Organic farming results will always be what they will be, after we as farmers & participants initially put good and great effort into having healthy and biologically active soils, start with healthy organic or heirloom seeds, plant according to Moon signs and phases, do the appropriate pre-planning, keep good crop rotations, and stay up on appropriate cultivating practices.

When you Sign Up for our Shared Agriculture Program for the 2017 season, you are committing to seeing through the crops come what may.  If there is a crop failure then we all share in the loss together. If crops are vibrant & productive we all share in the thankfulness and receive our appropriate shares. Hence, the SHARED part of the Agriculture Program.   

With all this being said, there will be No Refunds given in crop failure situations.  Also, there will be No Refunds given if a member decides to cancel anytime throughout the [SAP].

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