The Mills Neal Family (Owners/Stewards of Farm )

Matthew Neal has learned the land well and has been living and working here since the late 90's. 

Allison Mills Neal became part of the picture, upon meeting Matthew, back in 2003.  She fell in love not with just Matthew, but the place she would call home. 

The newest member, Eastenn Dutch, was put upon the land in 2014 and innately yearned for the out of doors, hand tools, and tractors.

Allison and Matthew are both native Tennesseans. Allison from the foothills of the East and Matthew from these here parts. Allison's experience, at a young age and throughout, on her mamaw and papaw Mills' farm; her B.S. degree in biology and chemistry; and further course studies in geology and environmental science have all played a major role in the actual application of organic farming. She also worked at Restaurant ZOLA under Deb Paquette for about 3/4 of year back in 2003, and as an organic personal cook for R.S. Lipman from 2006-2008.

With a background in ECO-land management, ECO-property management, farming, fencing, & building, Matthew is the farm's waterworks facilitator, infrastructure-implementor, chicken mobile mover, and all around windmiller. Matthew's hands have been soiled on farms in the American Northwest, Australia, and New Zealand.

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